Sam Shan Kwok Wong Temple in Ngau Chi Wan

Sam Shan Kwok Wong Temple in Ngau Chi Wan

When you pass by the P ing Shek Estate, you will see a temple with red walls, green tiles, and ceramic portraits on the roof. There was a stone plaque marking the 4 Chinese characters “ 三山國王 ” (transliteration: Sam Shan Kwok Wong, literal translation: kings of the 3 mountains) at the entrance. This is the Sam Shan Kwok Wong Temple . “Sam Shan” refers to 3 famous mountains of Chaozhou in Guangdong , namely Du Shan , Ming Shan and Jin Shan. There are many legendary stories about this. One of them is about the gods of the 3 mountains who helped Emperor Song Tai Zu t o put down the revolt between Liu and Zhang, and so the gods were granted the title as kings of the 3 mountains. The Hakka worship kings of the 3 mountains. Wherever the Hakka live, they build a temple to worship the kings. The temple in Ngau Chi Wan has been renovated for many times. At the end of the lunar year, there is a small flower fair at the open area outside the temple.

Opening hours: 6:00am – 6:00pm


Choi Hung MTR station exit A2, and walk along Kwun Tong Road for 10-odd minutes; or take bus route no. 1A, 11B, 11C, 13D, 14, 15, 16, 17, 258D, 258P, 258S, 259D, 268C, 269C, 277E, 277P, 277X, 28, 292P, 296C, 2A, 3D, 42C, 606A, 62X, 671, 6D, 74C, 74X, 80X, 83X, 889, 89B, 89C, 89D, 89X, 93K, 101, 101R, N121, N293 and get off near Kai Yip Estate; or route no. 9, 111 and get off at Ping Shek Estate.


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